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Project management is a necessary skill set for all projects, and often one that can determine success or failure. Success is obviously the target point at all times, but in the industry the measurement of such success largely surrounds elements of simply achieving programme, maintaining the budget or producing a level of quality. While each of these are clearly important, Novus considers these to be a given; a series of deliverables that are expected from a Client as a minimum. The industry therefore requires a differentiator. A service which is to become unrivalled within project delivery. A focus on continuous added value to the Client; not centered purely on fee or resource allocation. Understanding not only the project requirements, but the operation of the business and how the project integrates accordingly. Effectively total immersion within a Client business and team.


This is the unique selling point and foundation of Novus. Built on considerable years of individual experience and reputation, Novus has immersed itself into the professional services market, within the realm of construction project management; previously capitalising on fast track refurbishments within live environments, through extensive knowledge and experience gained within the arena, leisure and entertainment sector. Albeit bolstered further through new build commissions within the residential and commercial market.

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Project delivery or otherwise consultancy is not simply process, nor is it just bringing a scheme within budget or timescale. It is about how it is delivered; the approach adopted, and providing consistent added value.


The foundation, ethos and mindset of Novus is simple. From the outset, we seek to embed and immerse ourselves to form as part of your team. This provides clarity and a thorough understanding of your business operation, as well as synergies with the project objectives. Equally as important is the development, building and maintaining of relationships throughout, to effectively form a one-team approach. This mindset is encouraged throughout the Client business, consultancy and contracting team, providing clear benefits such as increased efficiencies and transparency.


While the management and control of the process and team underpins success, it is the understanding of the detail that provides significant added value. Such understanding, across all disciplines brings clarity and visibility to the design, its coordination between disciplines and the business, associated risks or otherwise opportunities and an enhanced accuracy towards the basis of cost at each stage. It provides the ability to challenge for improved solutions; continually searching for more effective ways of delivery.

The offering of flexibility is paramount. Novus does not seek to redefine your business or the way it works. Conversely, the management and delivery of each project is focussed and tailored specifically to you, the Client; while in parallel, consistently striving to drive added value throughout the entire process.


The aforementioned approach to delivery with a strong desire to understand and gain a depth of knowledge across design and Client team requirements, along with a pure focussed passion to provide a flexible, bespoke added value service, presents a powerful combination. One that is considered to be unrivalled. One that Novus assures.


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While complex, fast paced live environments within the leisure and entertainment sector form a substantial proportion of Novus’ experience, our mindset, values and expertise can simply and seamlessly fuse across varying sectors and requirements. This has since been demonstrable towards the numerous new build commissions that have been equally successfully delivered.


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Built on the foundation of numerous years of experience, within both public and private sector procurement, novus offers a breadth of project management services, spanning from individual discreet commissions, through to full turnkey project delivery. The benchmark set toward the quality of delivery shall apply, no matter the value or extent of the commission.


We are here to listen, understand, integrate, support, challenge the norm and offer a solution driven service from inception, through to completion and beyond. Effectively a fully coordinated added value extension of your team, with nothing other than pure focus to delivering your needs and exceeding expectation.


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The dynamic of arenas are extremely complex in respect to overall creation and delivery, whether that be from the infancy of a new build or otherwise those that undergo refurbishment within a continuously attended live environment. Delivery of such projects is challenging in its own right, however a key ingredient to a successful project is understanding the particular detail and multiple facets of business operation, along with maximising commercial opportunity and the required efficiencies needed to accommodate the rapid turnaround of servicing all necessary touch points. Effectively, and ultimately, providing an enhanced experience for not just the customer, but the artist, production and operational teams, collectively; while in parallel increasing spend per head.


Novus brings this dynamic to the Arena industry, having successfully delivered a number of significant refurbishment projects, such as the £30m LG Arena and the £26m Barclaycard Arena; both of which being delivered within fast track complex arrangements of a continuous live environment. Success having been achieved through detailed planning, funding, phasing, stakeholder collaboration, preconstruction design, post contract delivery and lifecycle maintenance considerations. Clearly those integral to the industry have a wealth of knowledge as to how an Arena should be efficiently designed and operated. Albeit when you couple this with Novus; a company with considerable knowledge, understanding of potential commercial opportunities, customer experience, and departmental operations, while in tandem delivering a totally bespoke and immersive solution; the results provide an end product that meets expectations from all stakeholders.


Such knowledge has additionally extended to providing preconstruction and design/operational advice for Arena’s, and site integrated conference/exhibition centres within Europe, and beyond.


The complexity and challenge of Arena design, along with its project delivery lifecycle is a real passion to us at Novus, whether that simply relates to a feasibility or viability study, the challenge of a refurbishment, or a new build from inception. Fusing such passion with an abundance of knowledge, experience and a embedded approach is unprecedented in the industry.