our mission

Transforming the landscape of project management

While Novus may be of a comparatively modest size to its more corporate competitors, we see this as a definite advantage. With the strength of our core team, we hold a characteristic DNA and pedigree of projects that excel our fellow peers and are immensely proud of what we have achieved and delivered since inception. Projects that speak for themselves, demonstrating as intended, that while we punch well above our weight, we do it very well.

However, it is our contrasting methodology towards delivery that sets us apart from others, where fostering collaboration and integration throughout the project team, spearheads our success. We seek to understand and gain knowledge of not only our client’s requirements, but the pressures and needs of our fellow colleagues also. Crucially, this methodology envelops an important positive team ethic that improves project fluidity and direction, minimising the overall path of resistance.

At our core we are differentiators in the marketplace, seeking to change the standard of project management delivery. we are novus

what's so special about novus?

One of our clients once said “…if carlsberg did project management”.
We’ll take that! So rather than wax lyrical about ourselves we thought we’d keep it short and sweet!

our ethos
no hidden extras
live environments
venue specialism
sports & major events
residential developments
our ethos
We listen, understand, integrate, support, adapt and challenge the norm. Continually searching for more creative and effective ways of delivery. All whilst becoming an integral added value extension of your internal team, without seeking to redefine your business or the way it works. Hypervisibility, yet with a sense of invisibility
no hidden extras
You'll never hear ‘that is not in our scope’. Our role is to deliver your requirements; period. Projects are always presented with challenges and curve balls, throughout their lifecycle, and if that is not difficult enough the last thing you want is to be presented with continuous 'bolt-on' costs. When a fixed fee is agreed for the project, we flex, adapt and pirouette as necessary to keep the project on track without the unnecessary awkward conversations.
live environments
Novus’ experience stems from complex live environment projects. A full and detailed understanding of the client’s business is absolutely paramount, whereby the requirements of the project need to be subservient, albeit well sequenced and balanced, with 'business as usual' operations; ensuring minimal disruption. Novus holds experience within all sectors from education, conference, commercial and upward to the complexities of managing major construction amongst surges of 15,000+ public attendees within arenas.
venue specialism
Underpinned by numerous years working directly within the arena’s industry, novus have successfully delivered a number of complex arena and live entertainment schemes. This is further bolstered through a wide range of supporting design and assessment commissions undertaken across Europe and beyond. We offer an unprecedented approach to project management in this sector, due to the dual method of fully understanding how an live entertainment venue operates, fused with the equal knowledge as to how to deliver and subsequently facilitate it.
sports & major events
Novus’ pedigree in this sector stems from the integral lead project management delivery of the Commonwealth Games 2022 bid for Birmingham; successfully awarded through both the national and international stages. This has brought rise to a solid understanding across a wide range of large scale event criteria, not least venue assessment, overlay, legacy and budget matters. Novus continues to proudly support a number of feasibilities and commissions relating to stadia projects, both in the UK and Middle East.
residental developments
We hold considerable years of experience within this sector, from delivery of bespoke luxury homes, large scale apartment schemes and 50+ story towers in excess of £100m in value. Through the delivery of these schemes, team novus possess a solid knowledge of the design and phasing requirements associated for both build-to-rent and build-to-sell. Furthermore, along with baseline delivery, there is considerable understanding from the developer's perspective regarding scheme viability and ongoing facilities management.

who the $£&@ are novus!

We’re a balanced, strong and united team, Our core values are deep-rooted in everything we do. We share a collective passion to shake up how things are done. Naturally, we are a meticulous, professional bunch, although not without a necessary injection of wit to enhance the journey along the way.

Aside from our specialist experience in each particular field, we each possess essential cross sector knowledge and understanding, making team novus multiskilled, pliable and ready for any challenge set.

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managing director
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senior project manager
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assistant project manager
construction planner

our services

project management
employers agent
development management
construction planning
project management
Project management is at the core of our DNA, and has been the main staple since our inception in 2013. Our technical capabilities have depth and breadth, deriving from discreet commissions, through to full turnkey delivery on projects scaling upwards of £100m in value.

We balance a meticulous approach, with accuracy, speed of response and agility. We do this differently using a refreshing approach that enhances team and project success.
employers agent
Where a full turnkey project management is not required, we are equally at home in the role of Employer Agent. Acting as a key interface between Client and contractor, with our particular attention to detail, extent of knowledge and experience on the varying use of contracts, we apply significant focus on the preconstruction aspect to ensure the client’s position is fully robust - presenting clarity and balance of risk from the outset, leading to a smoother, reduced path of resistance during contract.
development management
Having obtained broad experience within the residential marketplace and working intrinsically with developers, team novus have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the development management role, with an emphasis on increasing return and providing fluidity alongside the role of project management.

If you require novus to undertake aspects such as scoping, due diligence, financial management, marketing or sales, we will use our extensive experience to support and ease your burden. Effectively, a project management plus service.
construction planning
Construction planning is an artform. It delivers extensive benefits throughout all lifecycle stages of a project. It provides clarity and certainty of buildability when planning a scheme and a greater depth of understanding of both phasing and logistics. On site, an enhanced level of monitoring, productivity analysis and programme risk management can be undertaken to challenge progress reporting.

Additionally, this service is a vital asset when tasked with analysis of delay. Overall, a perfect synergy with project management.
Novus possess an arsenal of modern surveying technology and software that offers a wealth of opportunity to our clients, within project delivery itself, or otherwise to inform project requirements and cost. From discreet aerial condition surveys, video footage, photogrammetry, volumetric heat maps, external or internal 3d mapping, point cloud data or the ease of transposing information into CAD, we can accommodate all this and more. All within pinpoint accuracy and a speed that far exceeds alternative industry methods.