surveyor | CAA certified drone pilot
high quality, accurate and rapid surveying without the need for lengthy site access or expensive equipment.


surveyor | CAA certified drone pilot

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Presenting a full-service drone & 3D mapping provision, offering the latest drone and 3D camera technology to provide a range of industries with an output of high-quality data to lead, couple or aid various Client requirements. With varying technology and applications, a simple consultation will allow us to choose the most appropriate direction to accomplish your requirements.

A key benefit of utilising our services is the balance of diminished time and attributable cost. When our services are utilised for a project, not only are we considerably more efficient than a traditional individual on the ground, the associated costs are equally as advantageous. However, placing aside the subject of cost, the ability to accomplish the Clients’ requirements without a need for a full day of access or otherwise access equipment, provides a unique benefit only available with UAV technology. Furthermore, the necessity for pinpoint accuracy is retained, ensuring you would not be presented with a lower quality output in return for a reduced cost.

Novus specialise in the delivery and construction of aerial film footage/photography, 3D modelling, area mapping and earthworks volumes through the use of drone technology, presenting access of visual data to aid any project discipline, whether that be simply in 3D visual format, edited video footage, or otherwise exporting into point cloud or CAD . Outputs are delivered through the use of top-market software, with your requirements processed in record time.

Alongside the provision of external 3D models, we also offer delivery of 3D models within your designated location. Through the utilisation of our Matterport camera technology, we are able to offer full 3D internal scans and walkthroughs of your premises or multi-level buildings, processed via the cloud and distributed to the client within 24 hours. This product is perfect for multiple scenarios, whether that be for construction, dilapidation, design progression, real estate, hospitality, insurance or risk assessments. Opportunities are endless.

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Photogrammetric mapping and modelling is more accessible than ever. Utilisation and opportunity is expansive, benefiting companies across any sector, such as:

  • Aerial Footage
  • Full 3D Modelling
  • Volumetric Assessments
  • Measurement Data
  • Asset Management & Building Inspections
  • Project Monitoring & Progress Tracking
  • Point Clouds CAD Outputs
  • As Built Drawing Production
  • Promotional Material
  • 360 Degree Panoramas
  • Time Lapse Footage
novus’ RTK capabilities allow for unparalleled detail with minimal disruption… you get the speed and accuracy to supercharge your project

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