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A multi-faceted, multi-staged approach to assessing the varying options available to Badminton England in regard to the enhancement and expansion of their facilities to provide a world class training facility for their elite athletes, alongside the provision of high quality sporting facilities for the community.

Due to the intricacies surrounding the model for funding, this project originally stemmed and focussed on the delivery of a new build facility, through to the exploration toward redevelopment of their existing facilities, and onward to a detailed series of options analysis, including varying alternative relocations.

Despite the options having varying directions, each assessment was taken to a detailed level of depth in order to sanction approvals internally, or otherwise with wider sporting or political stakeholders.

Furthermore, having an understanding broader than just core project management, our commission also led to an assessment of their existing business operations in order to maximise revenue potential of the Client’s existing spaces, including the transformation of facilities into the residential rental sector. Consequently, the National Badminton Centre has significantly diminished their operational expenditure, while equally enhancing their revenue opportunities.