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While the arena has undergone a prior major refurbishment, the ongoing trend for the enhancement of productions has highlighted existing limitations in regard to hosting every demanding events. This is primarily due to the lack of height within the building and rigging load capacity from the current roof.

The project valued at £46m and currently at concept stage, therefore seeks to increase both its volume and capacity. This is to be achieved through the provision of a completely new roof structure, positioned a further 10m upwards in height, creation of a new concourse level, extended new upper tier seating system, enhancement of hospitality and reconfiguration of existing spaces to improve dynamics and customer flow. The resulting output shall exceed the ever amassing demands of touring productions, increase the capacity by circa 6,000 and position the arena as the leading venue in the UK.

The delivery of the scheme is by far our most complex to date, with the primary aspect being that all of the above is to be delivered while both the arena and entire operational campus is live. Notwithstanding this, the solutions are constrained by a not to exceed threshold height imposed by the immediately adjacent airport, leading to a level of engineering innovation and complexity that surpasses anything seen.

Knowing every corner of this arena and its function, alongside a keen understanding of the wider site operations and the important long term relationship held with the Client, novus were the immediate choice for leading the full turnkey project management delivery of this major undertaking. Not least due to the considerable pace and momentum required to achieve the timeline requirements.